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    Jennifer H.

    I was at a cross road trying to decide whether to grow my maid biz or exit. It was in the hobby stage for about a year just servicing existing clients after trying adwords on my own and losing money doing it. Then I met these guys and I decided to give google adwords one last try. They completely turned my business around. My new sales trippled the first month and continued to grow after using them to set up my google adwords.

    They set up my account and monitored it and recommended tweaks to optimize my ads, The best part is the long list of negative keywords that they used. This is where I was losing the most money. I would recommend them to anyone looking for adwords done right with immediate impact. Especially if you are a novice and need your hands held like I was. Now I have decided to grow my maid company into a full time business. Thanks guys for doing such a great job!

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