Benefits of SEO

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases
The Top 5 Organic Results Recieve 75% of the Traffic
The #1 Organic Position Receives 34% of all Organic Traffic

our marketing dashboard

Transparency is key to everything we do for our clients. That is why we offer this intuitive marketing dashboard with real time analytics to track your campaigns. Giving you one place to tracking all your advertising metrics.

Painting Search Engine Optimization

Getting your painting business to stand out goes beyond having an attractive website. With all the competition out there, you need to give your services all the visibility it can get. One of the best things you can do for your painting business website is to utilize search engine optimization. This helps your website come out on top of search engine results, which can put you face-to-face with potential customers—and ahead of the competition.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a strategy that’s used to to help your website be at the top of the results for the searches that your customers are using online. Every website uses SEO, no matter if it’s trying to or not. Simply, when you use your favorite search engine, like Google, you type in words or phrases to help you find what you want. These words and phrases are called keywords. They help the search engine algorithms sort through the massive amounts of data to deliver you the closest match to what you’re looking for.

The keywords and phrases important to your business are those that people will use the most when looking for a painter like you. Search engines look for websites that are content-rich, meaning they provide useful information that people can use. Content that is written correctly will contain important keywords to help you be found in the masses of competition in an online search.

It’s important to optimize your website for mobile computing as well. People are more likely to search for a business or service from their smartphone or tablet than laptop. Ensuring you have keyword-rich content across all platforms helps ensure you’ve the best chance of coming out on top when someone does a search for services that you offer.

Why Work with Us?

We’re SEO specialists, and we’ve got a proven track record of working with painting businesses like yours. We might not be paint experts, but we are experts in working closely with you to find the absolute best keywords and SEO practices to give your business a huge boost.

Not only do we help you define and create SEO-rich content for your painting business website, but we ensure your website is functional, useful and visually appealing. If you’re targeting local customers, we’ll help with that too, but adding a local flair that will appeal to customers in the area you’re serving.

What We Do

SEO is ever-changing, and it’s important to work with a company who is abreast of the latest changes and implementation techniques. There are many ways to incorporate SEO into your website and use to your advantage. Fortunately, simply using SEO is free. Unlike other forms of advertising, you are not charged by search engines to make your website SEO-rich. That’s great for your bottom line! We ensure that you’re getting the latest practices that conform to search engine algorithms. We also make sure you’re using the best content on your website to attract the search engine “bots” when someone enters painting SEO keywords into their search. In all, we take a slightly complicated process and make it simple—thus taking the stress and time off you, by doing the hard work and netting results! Call or email today to get started.

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