Benefits for Website Design

Our New Sites See a 5-15 % In Increased Conversion Rates
Building a Strong Brand Begins With Your Companies Website
Mobile Designs Are Given Higher Preference In Googles Rankings

Flooring Website Design

Do you need a professional web design for your hardwood floor company? Start with us. You want to attract customers and encourage them to make inquiries that will lead to sales. We want to give you the perfect, visually-appealing website to make it happen.

What You Need

Harwood flooring is a highly visual product. We’ll create a website that showcases your product photography and allows potential customers to imagine your products in their home or business. We’ll help display all the options in a way that takes you above the competition and helps you stand out. Your brand is important, and we’ll make sure your logo and tagline are focal points, so customers begin to recognize you easily. Offer installation or other services? We’ll let customers know why working with you is the best choice!

Competing in the online marketplace is a must. You do that by having proper SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. SEO is the practice of implementing specific keywords on your website, that potential customers would type into a search engine, like Google, to find products and services like yours. We’ll work closely with you to source the keywords that fit best for your hardwood floor website and optimize them to help you be found online.

Who We Are

We’re experienced website designers who create websites that get results. We’ll work closely with your hardwood floor business to craft a website that’s beautiful and functional. Just as you are an expert at hardwood flooring, we are experts in listening to you and doing everything we can to increase your bottom line with an effective website.

What We Do

We will create a highly visual, easy-to-use and customer-friendly website that competes in a crowded marketplace. Your website is often the first impression a customer has with your hardwood floor business. Chances are, they’ve already been shopping around. We help make your business the one they call. Using your branding (or helping you create branding) we’ll get you noticed.

As well as adding your product images to your website, we’ll create product pages that help customers browse and engage. We do this by adding important text and details to your website that help people make decisions about your products and services. Using ever-important SEO practices, we will add in the keywords and site features that increase your visibility online.

We can also create pages that make you more “real” and personable in an ever-increasing digital world. Customers love to read about the faces behind the business. Creating About Us pages and featuring images of employees at work, or giving a little history of the business can go a long way.

We’re committed to creating the hardwood flooring website design that’s perfect for your business. We understand the internet and what it takes to compete, and we make the process as pain-free as possible. Let’s start with a no-obligation consultation to find out your website needs, and plans for your hardwood floor business. Give us a call or send an email today, and let’s get started!

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