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Dental Advertising (Pay Per Click Management)

When it comes to getting seen on search engines, SEO is a great way of boosting your dental office’s potential of getting on the first page; but one guaranteed way of being on there is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads feature prominently on search engine results pages for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Without a PPC ad campaign, you can be competing in a hard battle with other local dental services. Web Launch Local is an expert in PPC advertising, and is dedicated to helping your dental office bring in more clients.

Because more people are using online search engines to find local businesses, you need to make sure you have an online presence. This process isn’t enough for people to be able to get you though. When someone uses search to find a local dental practice, they will more likely depend on the first page of results, with only around 10% of people venturing on page two. PPC advertising will help put you in front of the specific clients you are looking for, having your business featured on the top of the first page, and putting you above the rest.

PPC advertising comes with a whole host of benefits for dental services. First of all, you can target a particular group of people. They would put your listing in front of only those who are looking for dentists in the area you serve and the areas nearby. This benefit is something traditional advertising cannot do. With an ad in the paper or on the radio, you can only hope that someone who's in need of a dentist in your area will see or hear it. You can spend a lot of money in hopes of a decent return on investment with these traditional methods. With PPC, you know that you are only being drawn closer to those who are looking for dentists, and your potential ROI is far greater.

Many businesses will choose to rely solely on SEO. While this is fine, a PPC advertising campaign still goes beyond that in terms of benefits. Mainly, we can guarantee you will be on the first page of results. With SEO, you can only hope that you'll appear in the first page and this process can also take weeks; but with PPC advertising, it can be only a few days at most to get yourself on the search results. Also, with a PPC campaign, your keywords become clearer. We can get a greater understanding of what people are searching for to be able to implement the appropriate SEO keywords and phrases.

Web Launch Local is knowledgeable at PPC campaigns and have recently become a Certified Google Partner. This partnership means we have demonstrated expertise with creating AdWords campaigns. We love helping small businesses succeed in bringing in new customers, and we do this in a customer-centric way. Web Launch Local takes the time to get to know more about your dental office and goals when it comes to obtaining clients. We will then take the time to research the market and keywords to be able to come up with a campaign that's entirely suited to you.

Want to see what a PPC ad campaign can do for your dental services? Give our skilled team a call today.


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