SEO Overview

Here is your SEO Overview:

We get your site to the home page of Google AND your Google My Business listing.

(not many know how to rank your google my business listing, its what separates the men from the boys)

What is SEO?

SEO is a combination of on page (done on your website) and off page (done on other websites that are not yours but done for the sole benefit of your site)

The tasks that are done to give your website and your google my business (maps listing) more authority than others and send signals to Google that you deserve to be on the home page when people are searching for your service like “house cleaning near me” or “cleaning service (city)”

The front page explained for Organic / SEO

front page of google SEO


Examples of On-page, SEO is what’s done on your site or google my business

  • Schema
  • Title tags
  • H tags
  • Image alt text
  • Content
  • Silo structure
  • Blog posts
  • Anchor text

Examples of Off-page are things that are done usually on other sites that relate back to you.

  • Various types of Backlinks 
  • Various Types of Citations
  • Content marketing (sharing / promoting blogs, infographics and videos)
  • Profile creations (this Facebook, Yelp, WordPress, basically 3rd party sites)
  • Keyword research 
  • Competitive analysis (who’s doing what and what’s working for them and your market)

There are some more technical items as you can see below, but you can get a good idea from this list.

seo process

It comes down to different kinds of content & backlinks and the strategy behind it! This is where we excel!


Content Marketing 

We will create highly targeted blog posts written for your ideal client and beautiful graphically designed image for them that we share on all social media channels.

We will also post weekly offers and content on your google my business page.

All these are designed to assist with SEO and also bring in traffic from other sources than just SEO.

Timeline –

Our clients typically begin to see a return on investment between month 4 and 6. This is when we have your website ranking for at least a couple of the main terms and your google my business listing starts to really get some traffic!

By 6 to 12 months your site will be ranking for several more terms, and we will start to optimize for other terms or maybe expanding the service area to maximize your website footprint.

Pricing –

We have a few packages, the major difference is the amount of content and backlinks used for each campaign, however, there are some much more advanced technical SEO tasks completed for the 1000 and up packages.

Beginning SEO Packages

Baby Steps – 450 per month  (You know you need SEO but can’t afford the higher packages) 12-month contract

I know some people can get desperate because they can’t afford SEO so they continually look for that “Deal” maybe on Fiverr or Odesk and that “SEO Guy” your friend used once but what happens is you do more harm than good 90% of the time. Trust me we have fixed a few of those! I have a hard time even allowing to sell what we know for this little but I see that it help our community so here we have it!

Get Started > 450 Recurring

Slow & Steady (Bootstrapping) – 750 per month | 12-month contract

This is for the bootstrapped business that wants to stay off on the right foot but doesn’t have the money to jump all in. 

The ROI for this package varies exactly have seen some markets start as early as 4 months but we want you to be ready for 6-9 months.

Get Started > 750 Recurring

Advanced SEO packages

Ready for Growth (more established business) 1000.00 | 6-month contract

If your an established business this is ideal for you.

ROI – We have seen it start as soon as 3 months but we set the expectations for 4-6.

Get Started > 1000 Recurring

Market Domination (need I say more) this is also for larger more competitive markets- 1500 | 6-month contract

For those who are ready to leave the competition in the dust or for much larger markets.

The ROI has started as early as month 2 but we set the expectations of 3-4 to start seeing the return this is dependent on what market you are in, if you’re in NY or LA like market it will stop follow the 4-6 months and could be longer.

Get Started > 1500 Recurring


The ROI timelines are not a guarantee, just an estimate based on what see as far as an average.

We also offer:

Google Adwords Management

Website Design & Development

Website Themes

Let me know if you have any questions!

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