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To save everyone time from PM’ing me or shopping I wanted to just shoot some pricing and provide a little explanation of how this works.

Who the hell is this dude??

For those of you that have been around, we have grown together and its been one hell of a journey!

For the newer guys…

About 4 years ago Kevin told me about this amazing software his buddy Rohan was developing (I was going to do my own for my Maid Service, called Missy’s Maids at the time. I jumped on a call with Rohan and we talked about what he was doing and when it was going to be launched so I rebranded to Maids in a Minute with the intention of using Launh27 when its ready.

The software was game-changing for us and I think the industry as a whole. I ranked that site for over 30 cities on the top 3 of google (smaller market) so leads we coming in steady to the point where I couldn’t even answer the phone and I was just letting them go to voicemail.…it wasn’t my main breadwinner and the most exciting part of it for me was marketing!

I  ended up selling it twice, last time a little over a year ago and she is now killing it! I was more passionate about the marking so I shifted my focus to helping cleaning business solve their marking problems through digital marketing, and web design. Quit my full-time job and now run Web Launch Local full time.

I would not be here without this community!


How the lead capture works

The theory is that you hold back the pricing in exchange for the user’s email address and some additional information. (this info is used by you to make sure that they are somewhat qualified)

If someone isn’t comfortable with entering an email address then they have no intention of giving you a credit card. Think of this as step 1 in the funnel, the qualifying while using pricing as the lead capture.

You also want to make sure they are in your service area, to be worth following up with so I suggest adding a field for Zip in step 1 of the funnel.

My Idea of a perfect funnel is > Form Fill > Services Page> Book Now (you will see that handy followed this theory) Step 1 collect email > Step 2 (services page) collect more info> Step 3 check pricing and schedule now. This can also be achieved by passing the parameters through each field, and step 3 has all the information applied from step 1 and 2 into the launch27 booking form.

Others have done form fill > booking page if you do this you can pass the parameters from the form to the booking page. I think the important part is the email follow up here.

Once they provide the information to receive the quote a few things can happen depending on what software you use. What we see most commonly is the info is passed to something like Infusionsoft that triggers the series of follow up emails until the user books, or moves to another part of the funnel if they book in Launch 27 at that time a zap sends a trigger to IS to kill or change the drip applied to that email.

You can use MailChimp to do the same thing, they have automation for 10 bucks a month with under 1,000 contacts and then it goes up 5 for every 500 I believe. This is what we set when running AdWords campaigns for cleaning companies, with a 9 touch email drip over 30 days.

I know in Infusionsoft you can also have smart calculations where it is set up similar to L27’s pricing where they will also get the exact quote in the email as well as being prompted to book now on the booking form.

I’m also going to offer special pricing … because I love you guys and this community, also Rohan and team has really been able to streamline the learning curve through the new community at Overthink Academy such a nominal fee this is the way to go, you can join here


Simple Pop-Up – 300.00

Form Example>

That’s using a premium gravity form plugin with the developer’s license, and linking it to your preferred email drip software and passing the information to the booking page in L27. Graphically designing the pop-up and developing it.

You will have to set up the Zap or we can for an additional fee 50.00

Open form – 400.00

Form Example>

Same as above, but with this, we are only designing the form… not the site or the above the fold!

Above the fold – 600.00

If you want to really dial in the “above the fold” we can redesign the completed layout and change the focus so it tells the story of your brand and captures the lead as well!

One of our Themes with the pop already there – 1500

This site has everything you need for a Cleaning Service, with no details missed like services pages, employment (big one), Thank You, Custom 404, Help, Booking, Gift Card and more…

See Example >

Its what I call 90% Theme and 10% Custom. We will change the color to match your brand, add your content and logo then take the site live! We do all the heavy lifting..

I also know some of you are just trying to get started. I would be willing to do a payment plan for this theme I have ready now.

PM for details on the theme…

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