DFY Email Marketing Automation

Welcome to the Web Launch Local Family! This is the information we need to make sure we have access to all the necessary information and to streamline your marketing automation campaign. Please let us know if you have any questions at or contact your account manager directly.
  • Your physical business address

  • (should use a local area code):
  • (e.g.
  • Days and Hours
  • Also provide Goal Page URL (it's usually thank you page)
  • Note: If possible provide high resolution pictures which we can use for video, social media, etc.
  • Social Media Accounts

  • We will like your page and then send instructions on how you can share the access with us. Just put " NA " or " Not Applicable ", if none
  • Just put " NA " or " Not Applicable ", if none
  • Website and Hosting Info

  • Marketing Information

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